Seller benefits

Seller benefits




If you’re a manufacturer or distributor of parts and supplies and you want to generate new business and reach new customers, IVEN is the place to be!



IVEN boosts your sales


IVEN is the dedicated B2B marketplace for the aerospace and defence industries. It puts you in touch with new customers who are actively looking for your products, bringing you access to qualified leads and providing a secure online environment to complete your transactions.

Once you’ve signed our service contract, all you need to do is set up your dedicated space on the platform and add your items. IVEN does the rest, displaying your products and managing all your transactions and payments. All you have to do is deliver the goods!



IVEN brings you access to new markets with nothing to pay up front.


E-commerce sites soak up time and money and there’s no guarantee you’ll get the traffic you’re expecting. With IVEN, you have nothing to invest in IT projects.

In a matter of weeks, you get a powerful new digital sales channel. And with Thales‘s extensive footprint in the aerospace and defence industries, all the right customers can find your products quickly and easily.

IVEN is designed to make your life easier. Your offers can be created and updated manually online or by uploading your own files. We can also provide you with our API solutions for vendors. Throughout the set-up process, IVEN gives the support you need to create your first product offers.



IVEN cuts your costs and reduces your risks


With IVEN, order administration is simple and straightforward.

  • Communications with buyers are instant, seamless and efficient, reducing your customer acquisition costs and the time you spend on pre-sales.

  • Administrative costs are lower: you have your own store account and online order tracking service, and fund transfers are handled by the platform.

  • If a problem arises, IVEN steps in as your trusted third party to mediate and secure your transaction.



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