• How do I create an IVEN account?

    • Customers: in the footer, click on “Become client” link and provide your information (in the header  : Your  Account /Start here). You will receive a confirmation by email.
    • Vendors: in the footer, click on “Sell on Iven” link. You will be redirected to our contact form. In the subject box, select “Seller account creation” from the pull down menu. You will receive a confirmation by email and the IVEN team will contact you
  • How do I reset my password?

    Click on the “Forgot your password?” link. You will receive an email with instructions about how to reset it. You can also use the contact form to get in touch with us.

  • How long does it take to open a customer account?

    Your request to open an account needs to be approved by the IVEN team. Customer support will contact you immediately and may ask you to provide further details before your account can be activated.

  • Which user profiles can I create on IVEN?

    There are four types of user profiles :

    1. Account administrator: this profile has full access to the customer account and can create new users.
    2. Buyer: this profile can consult the IVEN catalogue, search for items, add items to the basket and create orders (or request quotes). Buyers can approve their own orders as well as orders created by other account users (listed as “Order to confirm” in My Account).
    3. Sourcing officer: this profile has the same rights as a Buyer except that orders need to be approved by a Buyer before they are final.
    4. Search only: this user profile has access to the IVEN catalogue and can see current orders, but cannot add items to the basket, request quotes or create new orders.
  • How do I search the IVEN catalogue?

    The search bar has three options:

    • search by part number (PN)
    • search by NATO Stock Number (NSN)
    • keyword search on content of product datasheets.

    You can also do multi-product searches: click on the “Multi-product search” button and paste your PN or NSN references into the search box, or upload a .csv file. You will need to provide the following information (separated by semi-colons): PN or NSN; Quantity; Unit of measurement.

  • How do I place an order?

    To place an order on IVEN:

    • Log in to your IVEN account
    • Browse or search the catalogue
    • Open the product datasheet or use the compare feature
    • Add items to the basket
    • Place the order
    • Confirm delivery address and shipment method
    • Confirm billing address and approve order (after accepting our Terms & Conditions).
  • Why is my order marked "Waiting for acceptance"?

    Once your order has been approved and placed, IVEN contacts the vendor(s) for order confirmation.

    You will receive an email when the vendor has confirmed your order. The order status will be updated in “My Account” at the same time.

  • How do I request a quote?

    To request a quote for items marked “On quotation”:

    • Add the request to the basket and complete your order in the usual way
    • The vendor will provide price, quantity and delivery details, and may contact you beforehand via the IVEN messaging service
    • You can find your quote in My Account / Quotation requests and then accept or refuse it
    • Accepting the quote creates the corresponding order
  • What delivery methods are available?

    The vendor is responsible for shipping your items to your delivery address. There are three delivery methods available:

    • Standard delivery (shipped in 3-5 days)
    • Express delivery (delivered in 24-48 hours)
    • Next-day delivery for urgent orders (AOG, etc.)
  • How do I track my orders?

    You can see how your order is progressing — waiting for acceptance, shipping in progress, shipped, etc. — in My Account (Orders list).

    Delivery details provided by the vendor (shipper, shipment number, etc.) are also accessible and shipments can be tracked in transit (“Track your order”). IVEN customer support can provide any other information you may need about current orders.

  • How do I take delivery of my items?

    When the shipment arrives, check that the order is complete and sign the shipper’s receipt.

    You can always make a claim or open a ticket later if there’s a problem with your order. If everything’s OK, you can confirm delivery in My Account (Order lists) with the “Mark order as received” button, after selected the order.

  • How can I make a request on a current order?

    In My Account (Orders list). Select the order and click “Contact seller” button. Then you can use the IVEN messaging service to discuss your request with the vendor.

    All your conversations are logged for future reference, as specified in the Iven Terms of uses.

  • How do I open a ticket on a current order?

    In My Account (Orders list), select the order, click “Open incident” and select a reason.

    IVEN can act as mediator to settle disputes as indicated in our terms and conditions.

  • When will my orders be invoiced?

    IVEN creates the invoice on behalf of the vendor when the order has shipped. The invoice is established at the address indicated when placing the order. You can find the invoice directly in the Order page (My Account / Order lists/ View).

  • How do I pay for my order? Can I pay online?

    Payment is due on the due date indicated on the invoice. Payments must be made by bank transfer into the IVEN account, which is managed by an independent payments provider. Online payment is not available.

  • How can I contact IVEN?

    In the header, click on the “Contact our Customer service” link. Fill in the contact form and press “Submit”. Customer support will contact you immediately.