How it works

How it works



This is how the IVEN marketplace works:



  • IVEN invites all the best suppliers to sell their parts and consumables on the marketplace. We make sure all the necessary product details — specifications, stocks, pricing, delivery times, terms and conditions, etc. — are available and updated in real time.

  • To buy on IVEN, you just need to log on to your account (you can create an account here). Then you can search for the products you need, compare what’s on offer, and place your order. For some products, you can also ask for a quote.

  • Your order is approved by the vendor and shipped to the delivery address you choose. You can use the IVEN messaging service to communicate with the vendor

  • Every step of every transaction is shown in your dedicated space on the platform. The intuitive user interface lets you track your orders and access all the documents you need (proof of shipment, certificates of compliance, invoices, etc.). The marketplace operator guarantees end-to-end supervision of all transactions.

  • IVEN guarantees your payments: all payments are made by transfer (on the due date on the invoice) on a marketplace blocked account, and paid to the vendor, when delivery has been confirmed. If a dispute arises, IVEN offers to mediate. IVEN also monitors the quality of the vendor’s services. For more details about how IVEN works, read our FAQ