Data privacy

Data privacy


The protection of your personal data, the respect of the GPDR n° 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation), related to the protection of personal data and the free circulation of this data and the respect of the French Law n° 2018-493, related to the personal data protection and amending the French Law n°70-17 are of high importance to THALES SIX GTS France. So, THALES SIX GTS France engages itself to protect the personal data in conformity with this regulation.


Data Controller

THALES SIX GTS France S.A.S, a company incorporated under French law in the form of a société anonyme simplifiée with capital of 163 949 805 euros. Its registered office is located at 4 avenue de Louvresses, 92230 Gennevilliers, France. The company is registered of Nanterre (Registration N° 383 470 937)


Personal Data:

Your personal data collected can be the last name, the name, the professional email address and the professional phone number. The purchase data can be collected too.


Legal base of the Processing:

The personal data processing is based on:

  • A contract: the processing of personal data, through the Marketplace IVEN, is necessary for the execution of the contract that the users have consented, as Buyers or as Vendors, with THALES SIX GTS France.

  • Consent: To access of the Marketplace services, the user must consent to the processing of his personal data, at the creation of this account. This consent may be revoke at any time.


The Purposes of the Processing:

  • The management of the Marketplace IVEN and of the relationships between the Vendors and the Buyers, especially the management of the orders and the follow up of the contractual relationships,

  • Follow-up and management of the use of interactive platforms and networks made available to Vendors and Buyers to take and handle orders made by the latter on the said interactive platforms and networks


The personal data retention:

For the abovementioned purposes, your personal data will be kept for no longer than five years after the end of the contract related to your use of the Marketplace IVEN.

For the Vendors, the contract is the “Contrat de Service” signed between each Vendor and THALES SIX GTS France.

For the personal data of Buyers, the contract is the validity of the Buyer account. In the Buyer case, the end of the contract is considered as the account deletion of the Buyer.


The transfers of personal data:

The personal date collected can be transmitted to providers of THALES SIX GTS FRANCE, who have a direct involvement in the proper functioning of the Marketplace IVEN and its services.

The purpose of these transfers is the management, the execution and the payment of the orders.



Your rights

In accordance with the personal data regulation, especially the French law n° 2018-493 related to the protection of personal data, as user of the website, you have the following rights to your personal data:

  • The access of your personal data,

  • The rectification of your personal data,

  • The deletion of your personal data.

To exercise your rights or to revoke your consent, you can send your request from the customer service of the Marketplace IVEN from the contact page (reason: request for personal data)



When you come in the website of the Marketplace, Cookies are deposited on your computer. The Cookies use especially allows to identify the user and to access to the Marketplace services proposed by THALES SIX GTS.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, implementing tracking mechanism that are, for example, placed and / or read in your computer when visiting a website, reading an email, or installing or using software or a mobile application.


How Thales uses cookies?

THALES does not use cookies to identify or to track personally the user, but in order to operate the website as requested and to offer a better user experience. Cookies facilitate the navigation on the website, and allow the use of functionality as Buyer account management, as offer consultation and as orders taking.

Some of the cookies are necessary for good performance of the website as especially the following functions:

  • Buyers authentication

  • Visibility on product information

  • Adding product in shopping basket

  • The orders taking

  • Access of “my space account”.


How to manage browser?

The use of cookies can be deactivated at any time configuring the browser so that it informs the user of the registry of cookies.

It is possible to disable cookies one by one or completely. However, the modification of the cookies parameters can have as consequences that the user can’t access of some services of the Marketplace IVEN.


How much time does THALES SIX GTS conserve the cookies?

The cookies are filed by THALES SIX GTS France for duration of thirteen (13) months after which you will be asked to renew your consent.


More information about the Cookies: