Customer benefits

Customer benefits




Traditional purchasing processes can be long and costly.

Managing quotes and negotiating with suppliers is a complicated business, and you don’t always have the transparency you need to find the best pricing or delivery dates. You also can’t assign a single purchasing officer to all your parts and supplies. And your production and support operations sometimes need you to move faster than traditional processes allow.



IVEN brings you the transparency and the agility you need


Say goodbye to endless procurement processes and uncertainty. The IVEN catalogue lets you see immediately what's on offer and find the best deals.

Ordering the best parts and supplies from the thousands of items in our catalogue is now just a few clicks away!

IVEN lets you focus on buying certified goods from qualified suppliers, instead of spending time on dull, transactional tasks.

Our catalogues are being updated all the time so you longer need to manage updates and amendments to your supplier contracts.



IVEN makes your purchasing process simpler


No more browsing through supplier catalogues, asking for quotes and drafting contracts. No need to call or email and wait for a reply. All your buyers get access to an intuitive B2B platform with a user experience that’s more like B2C.

Search history, order tracking, delivery and payment details: With IVEN you can find all your operations in one place with the assurance that everything is correct and complete. Administrative tasks go faster because the entire workflow is digital (ordering products, contacting vendors, managing disputes, etc.).

Need to order articles from dozens of different suppliers? With IVEN, you can do it all in the same place, quickly and easily.



IVEN is the dedicated B2B marketplace for your industry


Do your buyers need product details that are specific to the aerospace, naval or ground transportation industry? Do your quality assurance processes require you to order parts that meet specific certification, traceability or supplier qualification requirements?

With IVEN’s advanced search and filtering features, you can instantly get all the information that matters to you, when you need it.

That means you can see what all the different suppliers are offering, compare the best deals and buy what you need with complete confidence.

IVEN is a 100% B2B compliant service that takes all your organisation’s processes (procurement, accounting, legal and logistical) into account:

  • Access rights management for different users: buyers, sourcing officer, operational staff, etc.

  • B2B pricing management: quantity discounts, online quote management, etc.

  • Private catalogues for special or negotiated pricing

  • Invoice payment (on due date)

  • Internal reference management for your ordering workflow



IVEN secures your transactions


Using IVEN comes with some rock-solid guarantees:

  • All suppliers are fully qualified and their performance is systematically monitored and evaluated.

  • Potential issues are flagged automatically and both parties are immediately alerted. If a dispute arises, we act as the trusted third party and issue a refund if necessary.

  • Secure payments: your funds are transferred to an escrow account. Vendors are only paid when the goods have been delivered.

  • Data security: we use the most advanced security technologies to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of your data.



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